We may, at the end of each day, feel alone. But are we?

The author assures us we are neither cut off nor abandoned, and in God Incidents: True Stories of God Working in the Lives of Catholics, Tom shares the stories of people whose experiences bear witness to the immediate and unquestionably real presence of God in their lives. God Incidents resoundingly assures us that we are not alone.

A book club discussion leads a woman to become a Christian, but she is afraid to tell her husband. A discouraged volunteer decides to continue her volunteer work after hearing the Virgin Mary’s voice giving her direction. A parish church is transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. These stories, and many more, demonstrate the love of God for His children.

Based on these true stories, God Incidents shows that not everything is a coincidence. This book, and the inspiration, contemplation, and examination that it no naturally fosters, will help you to recognize God’s hand at work today, and all days.

"Tom has written a book everyone should write; an account of the many times God has visited us with his power and mercy. These "God Incidences" increase our faith, and we would do well to write them down to remember and cherish them."

Rev. Francis “Rocky”  J. Hoffman
Executive Director | Relevant Radio

"These encouraging stories, from many different walks of life, remind us that it's possible to discover our gracious God in every moment of our lives."

Rev. Matthew Spencer, OSJ
Host | St. Joseph’s Workshop

Thomas R. Lukes is a lifelong Catholic and a retired architect. He worked on many church related and school projects. When he was thirty, he had a special encounter with God that motivated him to live his life for God while serving his church. Today, he serves as lector and Eucharistic minister at his parish.

For five years, he served as “lay director” of the Cursillo movement in Monterey, California, and was editor of the Cursillo newsletter, which he named Rekindle. In 2011, Lukes was part of Bishop Richard Garcia’s committee to bring Immaculate Heart Radio to the Monterey bay area. Proceeds from this book go to support Catholic education for the diocese.

Lukes and his wife have three sons and six grandchildren. In his retirement, Lukes enjoys daily Mass, weekly Bible studies, reading, and, of course, golf.

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