God's Canvas

One of the most common misconceptions is that faith and science are at odds with one another.  Drawing upon painful events of the Church’s past (such as Galileo), the narrative people usually embrace is that faith and science are irreconcilable enemies that promise to be eternal adversaries.  However, this narrative is false.  Whether it be the long tradition of “priest scientists” who are responsible for some of the greatest discoveries of our time (such as Fr. George Lemaitre, “father” of the big bang), or the ongoing work of the Vatican Observatory, the truth about faith and science is that they are complementary explorations of truth, pointing us to our ultimate beginning and end.  

In “God’s Canvas: Exploring faith through science and creation,” Fr. James Kurzynski explores how faith and science can and should be dialogue partners in the exploration of truth. Drawing upon his work as an author for The Catholic Astronomer, the official blog of the Vatican Observatory Foundation, Fr. Kurzynski explores the relationship between faith and science through the lens of his life as a Catholic Priest, the Pastor of a Parish and Newman Center, and as a hobby astronomer, artist, and musician.  Through this lens, Fr. Kurzynski will explore core questions that he is often asked as a Priest.

Exploring Faith Through Science & Creation

Fr. James Kurzynski