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In One More Day: The Joe Christensen Story, we’re invited to journey with the author through the ups and downs of his life. Born ten weeks premature, Joe’s doctors prepared his parents for the worst. On March 4, 1986, Dee and Don heard the words that all parents fear, “Your son may not make it.” Although the odds were against him, Joey had God on his side and an unwavering faith in His plan. Today, with over 30 years of experiences and stories, Joe shares his thoughts on life, family, friendship, and hope. “I’m going to change the world,” he says, “and take full advantage of One More Day.”        

"No one can deny the struggle that Joe and his family have faced as they dealt with the roadblocks of disability.  However, Joe and his family have not see these as roadblocks but rather as detours on the road of significance.

Let’s face it, the world looks at challenges as things we need to avoid.  We are programmed to go through life on the path of least resistance.  We eliminate challenging people, avoid new experiences, hide from anything that makes us grow.

Joe lives his life with a grateful perspective.  What if we could choose the attitude that sees challenges as unexpected blessings?"

Christian Jensen

Executive Director, myTeamTriumph

In One More Day, Joe tells stories about the many people who have had a positive impact on his life. We thought it would be fun to hear from them about the impact Joe has had on their lives. From doctors to elementary school lunch-room supervisors, from parents to jabronies like Duke and Tyler, Joe has had an impact on so many people. Click below to read "Letters to Joe."

joe christensen

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