"This book brings together a wealth of insights from history and theology, spirituality and mysticism to face the unavoidable problem of suffering. These teachings are culled from the writings of five Christians who lived along the Rhine in the fourteenth century. With the benefit of hindsight, one can see how these thinkers look backwards to Albert the Great (teacher of Thomas Aquinas) and forward to Martin Luther. In ten meditations, ranging from psychology and prayer to approaching God without intermediaries, a journey through suffering, life and grace is sketched."

Thomas F. O’Meara, O.P.
Warren Professor of Theology Emeritus
University of Notre Dame

"There are few things in life more universal than the reality of human suffering. Whether one be a Catholic priest or Protestant minister, a theologian or teacher, an ordained deacon or a lay person who is committed to serving the sick, the homebound, and the dying, we all observe that suffering is indeed the ultimate equalizer. And every Christian in the pew must grapple with suffering, their own and that of others. This book addresses this subject by showing us that—far from being merely dark, foreboding, and destructive—suffering plays a central role in the Christian’s saving conformation to life in God. The result is a refreshingly upbeat treatment of an intense topic. The joy of the gospel shines through on every page."

Fr. James Kurzynski, STL

Author of God's Canvas

A photo of the "Christ in Gethsemane" stained glass window in the church Dewey grew up in. "Christ in Gethsemane" is the exemplar of striving for perfect self-surrender ("not my will but Thy will be done").

Former Lutheran pastor (E.L.C.A.) turned Catholic convert, Dewey Bjorkman, Th.M. is the author of Striving for Perfect Self-Surrender: Ten Ways to Suffer Well in Union with God. For over three decades, Dewey has studied the Rhineland-Flemish theologians, whose books and sermons inform and inspire his work.     


Ten ways to Suffer Well in union with god