the companion

a workbook & journal for "To Heaven & Back"

Rev. John Michael Tourangeau, O. Praem. & Travis  James Vanden Heuvel

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As children of God - and as brothers and sisters in Christ - we all journey together. The image of being on a pilgrimage finds meaning in walking with others on life’s journey, for no one of us is meant to “go-it-alone.” Simply, in Christ we are pilgrims and friends on a profound journey of faith. And it is in the sharing of the stories of our lives that we come to new life, hope, and peace.

 The relationships that we establish with those around us - our families, friends, parishioners, neighbors - fill our lives with so much joy. It is in and through these relationships  that we  draw closer  to one  another,  and  closer  to Jesus. And while it’s important to spend time and energy fostering these relationships, we must also remember that it can be extremely helpful - and life giving - to spend time alone, in silence, with God.

This workbook and journal will provide you with an opportunity to think about, reflect on, and pray over some of life’s toughest questions. For some of you, what gets written on the pages to come will be “for your eyes only.” For others, this may be a tool for you to organize and articulate your thoughts so that you might engage in conversations with others. However you choose to use this resource, we hope that you find the questions and exercises helpful and enlightening.

With our love and His blessings,
Fr. John & Travis